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​Bed Bugs are Smart, Elusive, Hardy & Methodical. Since Infestation Levels Vary From Property To Property, Rates Will Vary Depending Upon Severity of Infestation, Number of Rooms, Number of Beds and/or Pieces of Furniture & Size of the Structure to be Treated For Bed Bugs. Length of Service Also Varies, From as little as 1 hour or up to 2 days. New River Pest Control LLC Utilizes a Variety of Treatment Methods; Including: Steam, Liquid & Dust Insecticides, Mechanical & Written Recommendations. Eradication is a Joint Effort Requiring Clients to Perform Pre & Post Preparations and Therefore Guarantees Are Limited In Scope. If Important Follow-Up Recommendations Are NOT Followed By Clients, Re-Introduction / Re-Infestation Can and Does Occur.  All Bed Bug Treatments Include At Least 1-2 Follow-Up Inspections.

  • (Below) Size Reference: I Used To Think That Bed Bugs Were Invisible To The Naked Eye Before I Began My Pest Control Career. While Eggs and Juvenile Bed Bugs Are Quite Small And Difficult To See, They Are Still Visible. The Images Below Show An Adult On A Standard Nail On A Standard Box-spring (L) And Several Life Stages In A Standard Small Styrofoam Coffee Cup (R).
  • (Right) What To Look For: Evidence Of Bed Bug Activity Is Often Identified During a Thorough Inspection By Looking For Dark Specks or Smears. These Smears Are Referred To As 'Fecal Smears' and Implies As Such. Bed Bugs Feed On Blood, Therefore They Excrete Dark Blood Smears Near Nesting Sites.
  • (Left) Is It A Bed Bug? How To Identify A Bed Bug By Anatomy.

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               ​​Bed Bugs ​(Cimex Lectularius)

  • ​Female Bed Bugs Can Lay Between 1-5 Eggs Per Day In Cracks & Crevices Of Mattresses, Box-springs, Couches, Night Stands and Even Picture Frames.
  • ​Bed Bugs Are Small, Flat, Reddish-Brown and About 3/8" Long.
  • ​Bed Bug Development Time Is Approximately 21 Days. During Development Bed Bugs Go Through 5 Stages (Nymphal Instars).
  • ​The Average Bed Bug Life Span Is Approximately 6-12 Months and They Will Feed Every 10 Days or so During This Time. 
  • Bed Bugs Are Capable of Hibernating or Going Dormant For Up To Several Months When No Blood Meal or Host Is Available.
  • Bed Bugs Do Not Discriminate and Can Be Found In Hotels/Motels, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, Single-Family Homes, College Dorm Rooms, Office Buildings, Cars, Buses, Trains, Movie Theaters, Retail Stores Or Just About Anywhere That Humans Are.