Included In Each Residential Service:

De-Webbing of all reachable windows and eaves to reduce spider activity

- Removal of any reachable wasp nests
- Thorough Inspection of the Exterior Perimeter
- Exterior Preventative Barrier Treatment of 
Foundation Perimeter, Window & Doors

​- Exterior Baiting, As Needed 

- Interior Treatment, as necessary or upon request

Pest Control Exterminator Service for The New River Valley NRV Radford Blacksburg Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Pulaski County, Roanoke, Salem, Southwest Virginia.

General Pest Control: 

          Annual Maintenance Plans:

                 Initial Service $195.00

                 Quarterly Service: $95.00

                 Bi-Monthly Service: $75.00


   One-Time Service, No Contracts, 30 Day Guarantee.         

            Rates Start At: $195.00

(Covers: Ants, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Crickets, Millipedes, Centipedes, Earwigs, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Silverfish, Stinkbugs, Fleas, Indoor Tick and Pantry Pests: including Indian Meal Moths, Drugstore Beetles, Cigarette Beetles)

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Rodent Exclusion:

       Minor access points covered by General Pest Control, Major access points may require estimate and additional charges.

Cockroach Treatments & Clean Outs: Requires Inspection.

Cost Determined Upon Severity of Infestation.

Bed Bug Treatment: ​Rates START at $195.00 per room. In Order to Honor Our Guarantee, All Rooms MUST be treated.


New River Pest Control offers Residential Post Construction Treatments for Active Termite Colonies.

Call for a No Obligation Estimate

(Costs are calculated by Linear/Square Footage and varies by property.)

Real Estate Inspections: For Wood Destroying Insects/Organisms